For Review

Read the following Guidelines carefully before requesting a novel.  By submitting a request, you are agreeing to these Guidelines in their entirety.

1. Amazon & Goodreads Profile Links Needed - When you sign-up for the Newsletter (linked above), you MUST include the link to your Amazon and Goodreads Profiles for review prior to being approved to receive Review copies or to join the Reader Group on Facebook.

2. Due Dates: Please make sure you pay attention to the due date timeline for each novel included in their individual sign up form by clicking on 'Click to Review'.

3. Posting: All reviews must be shared on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes or Kobo. Posting on Goodreads is encouraged also.

4. Review Copies: All review copies will be sent directly to kindle emails, please make sure you have added to your approved senders list and provide your kindle email on the sign up form. (How to add MTW Promotions to your Approved Senders list)

5. Submit Review Link: At the bottom of the For Review page you will see a link to submit your review link. Once you have your review posted please fill out the form so the review can be shared quickly with the author.

6. Distributing Review Copies: Review copies will be sent out once a week on Wednesday.  An email will be sent along with the posting materials at this time letting you know that the Review Copy has been sent to the address provided on the request form or will be attached to the email for you to download (Review Copy formats available at Author's discretion).

7. Posting Materials: An email will be sent to the requester's email given at sign up with a reminder of the deadline for the review as well as the WORD document with information for posting, should the Reviewer choose to share on their Blog/Social Media.  HTML will not be provided.

8. Failure to submit your review within the time laid out by the author will cause you to forfeit any other copies you have signed up to review or any future novels offered For Review.