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Blog Tour: Behind Closed Doors by Kelly Mooney @mooneymama1

Title: Behind Closed Doors
Author: Kelly Mooney
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Published: August 17, 2016

Rules are meant to broken.
Plans are supposed to change.
I knew the rules—knew them like the back of my hand. First one, never fantasize about a co-worker—or worse take him to bed. The other one, never believe you can change a man. Like ever.
And guess what?
Broke 'em. Destroyed 'em.
Damn near shattered those pesky little rules.
How was I supposed to know that Ryan Donahue was going to walk into my life as my roommate and co-worker, and rock my ever-loving world?

And now, our jobs are on the line.
My heart hangs in the balance.
I couldn't just stick to the one single summer of sunsets.
I had to fall for the one man that I knew wouldn't stay,
And I finally know why those rules were put into place.


I had a plan.
A strategically orchestrated plan.
It was supposed to be one summer, a favor for a friend. And escape my family's overzealous expectations. Then, I was out—on my way to the life I'd planned.
What I didn't count on was the petite, yet adorable,
roommate, with a pair of green eyes that knocked me off my feet.
One look, and I was doomed.
But then, her name, Willa Bloom, that sent me over the edge.
I was lost in thought.
I couldn't concentrate, couldn't focus.
I wanted her—had to have her.

And now my plans,
Those well thought-out, perfectly polished plans?
Completely gone, vanished, disintegrated.
But I'm not going to let that happen,
Not to us

Behind Closed Doors Excerpt © Kelly Mooney 2016

Her name was Willa. All these lewd comments popped into my head, all of them having the same theme. Willa-she-be-good-in-bed? Willa her lips feel as soft as they look? Willa she come quickly? Willa she be good with a one-night stand. Willa? Willa? Willa?
Of course, I kept them all to myself. Now, even though my man downstairs took notice of Willa right away, it surprised me that Regan didn’t have the exact same effect on me. At least looks-wise. Not that Willa wasn’t nice to look at—she had that whole girl-next-door, bohemian hotness thing going on, but her rack was on the smaller side. And I was all about the boobs, baby. I wasn’t sure if it was because my mom didn’t breast-feed me or not. Maybe I was jealous of the other kids with the blankets thrown over their heads while they sucked away, and my mom was openly not giving a shit. I was a bottle-fed baby, and I had been making up for that for years.
Those two globes of white flesh did something to me once I latched on. Just looking at a decent set made me want to slip my… well, you get the picture. Or suck on them, play with them, tease them, bite them—whatever. I just knew that I loved them.
A woman’s body was like the best toy store in the world. A guy could get lost in one and never make it out. So many toys to play with and so little time, but you always had your favorite one you focused on, maybe played with too long. I probably spent too much time on my favorites once their shirt hit the floor. But, no woman had ever complained about how much attention I gave them while I loved up on her.
But for some strange, unknown reason, my cock didn’t care that Willa’s breasts were tinier than he was used to playing with. Just standing near her, I had to refrain from adjusting my shit in hopes she hadn’t noticed she’d gotten my flagpole to stand tall and proud.
Shit! Why Willa? There was nothing off the charts special about her. Well, maybe there was. I knew it the moment those crazy jade eyes sparkled when we met earlier at the bar that something was putting me on full alert. The way she smiled, and how that simple gesture immediately threw me into some cosmic trance of what it would feel like to kiss that smile clean off her face. And that desire irked the hell out of me. She looked like a cross between Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. Willa was exactly the perfect mix of two of my favorite blondes. Cute, sexy, and absolutely adorable. She was a giant ball of energy that I wanted to contain the second I met her.
Kelly Mooney was born in Southern New Jersey and now resides in Upstate New York. She started writing Young Adult novels, but wanted more freedom with her characters. She is currently writing New Adult and Contemporary Romance. She adores wine, reading and hearing from her fans, so please keep in touch. She continues writing love stories during her free time.

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